CREATURE KITS: Pug Teeth & Gums - High Poly OBJ File / ZBrush File with Subdivisions

Creature Teeth Kitbash Set Includes:

High Poly OBJ file of Pug Teeth & Gums to use and alter in your professional creature design concepts!

ZBrush 2018.1 File of the Separate Gums and Teeth with 4 subdivisions on each subtool. (4 subtools: Upper Gums, Upper Teeth, Lower Gums, Lower Teeth)

Commercial and Personal work use accepted. See Licensing Agreement for details and limitations.

• Create an endless array of variations using ZBrush's extremely powerful "Mirror and Weld" feature!

When it comes to designing your own detailed and unique creature concepts, the creatures head, but more specifically the mouth, is the cornerstone of every design. Having a library of previously made kitbash parts of existing animal teeth sets can save you days of time spent researching, modeling and sculpting your favorite animal parts from nature. Finishing a complex creature's mouth design can be especially costly on it's time-frame as there is never enough time to push the quality of detail to a realistic level of functioning and interlocking upper and lower jaws and teeth. The purpose of Mauricio Ruiz Designs' Creature Kits are to help you get a variety of reusable creature parts that will help you finish your own concepts much faster, and let you focus on more important aspects of your creature design concepts. 

(Disclaimer: I created the teeth without the large root structure extending into the gums to avoid crashing ( breaking the surface of the gums) when altering the shape of the gums / teeth to create new variations. This is to save you time by not having to constantly adjust the teeth roots as you alter the original model, as that part of the teeth are rarely ever required for creature design concept art.)

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